The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

As I headed up the hill to beautiful Givendale the cloud descended and the rain began.
As I headed up the hill to beautiful Givendale the cloud descended and the rain began.

Although I only had one talk booked this week it has still been busy. After the decent dog walk on the Monday, when I had time to delight in the beauties of nature, I came home and picked some beans from the garden.

My hedge, which is pretty big, and over 40 years old is currently sporting a yellow clematis blossom, as well as huge clusters of elderberries glistening with a dark purple gleam. Then the other berries are ripening to good red on the hawthorns.

On the Tuesday, I headed north to Middlesbrough, for a talk to the Ladies Luncheon Club there. The weather was far from kind. As I headed up the hill to beautiful Givendale the cloud descended and the rain began. It meant it too!

As I drove on the weather worsened and made progress rather slow.

I drove on to Helmsley and then on to the moors. The rain was causing some local flooding and the roads were treacherous, but was still able to admire what dramatic scenery I could see, especially Fangdale with dramatic fells rising out of stunning countryside. It is really one of the most splendid areas of natural beauty to be found.

Then on towards my destination where my satnav had hysterics but I eventually found the hotel, and was then treated to a chicken luncheon, followed by cheese and biscuits before giving my talk.

The lady sitting next to me was great fun and I enjoyed the meal. The talk went well and then as I had a long drive home I left and decided to stick to the major roads coming home, mainly due to the weather. As I headed south on the A1 the weather started to improve and I was able to see some good views and eventually got home. Having let the dogs out I offered them a walk but none were keen to go out in the damp so I unpacked.

The next day my handyman came round and started by putting up some pictures for me and a set of shelves and then went out and clipped the hedges and tidied the garden and laid some pebbles thus making the garden a lot easier to maintain.

Having lost half a tooth at the weekend the next morning it was off to Grassington to see my wonderful dentist there. The drive was very pleasant and I always love going back to the Dales to countryside I know and love.

The views over Nidderdale were fantastic and I was seen quickly at the dentists and my tooth having been filled, I drove towards Skipton, stopping at the farm shop at Cracoe, where I purchased some of their delicious sausages. Then on to Ilkley and Pool. As usual approaching Harewood there were many kites circling overhead. That evening it was in to the rehearsal at the church for Pirates. We worked hard, and I am looking forward to the performances.

I walked the dogs on Friday and then had a quiet evening in. On Saturday, I mowed the lawns, fortunately finishing just before a torrential downpour, and then started sorting out some more of my craft things, this time from the garage.