The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

This week I visited West Ayton to deliver a talk to a group at the charming library.
This week I visited West Ayton to deliver a talk to a group at the charming library.

On Monday morning I took four of my five dogs to the vets for their annual inoculations.

This included my Labrador, Boo, with her new keeper. They were all given a clean bill of health and were given worming tablets and all the necessary things.

I then headed off with them to one of my favourite walks in woodland which was exceedingly muddy but also good fun. The leaves are just so beautiful at the moment.

Then I awaited the arrival of some furniture I had ordered, which duly arrived, and I spent an exasperating couple of hours building it from a flat pack.

I am really not very good at that kind of thing and eventually finished it and now have more storage in my living room for my craft things.

Monday evening was a Pocklington Singers rehearsal and our Christmas carol concert is on December 9, so I need to get quite a bit of practice in. Some of the carols we are doing are quite stunningly beautiful. We are even doing one by one of my favourite composers, Donald Swann.

Tuesday was meant to be my day off. I took myself into York and did some shopping and when I got home had a very lazy day after a short walk with the dogs.

On the Wednesday I drove up to the village of Sherburn, to their very smart village hall there. I was, as usual, very early and stopped of at a pub called The Fleece for a coffee.

Not only was there a charming elderly Springer Spaniel in the bar with its owners, the pub dogs were a delight too. One was a Weimaraner and the other a greyhound Rhodesian Ridgeback cross, a rescue dog. The talk to the Sherburn Village Ladies was fun and went well.

They are so welcoming. I was given some ties too.

On the Thursday I met up with Boo and her new owner and together we took all the dogs for a walk in the Wolds, above Welldale.

The sun was shining the views magnificent and the weather, if a little chilly, was very autumnal and fine. The dogs had a great time.

In the late afternoon I drove up to West Ayton, near Scarborough. I had been invited to speak to the group at their charming library there. I was made very welcome and the talk went well, and I enjoyed meeting many of the audience.

Saturday was great fun. I had agreed to meet a friend at the Christmas Fair at York Racecourse. I found a wonderful stall from Paris which sold the most superb garden secateurs and clippers and managed a conversation, mainly in French, with a charming Parisian chap.

Remembrance Sunday has a special meaning for me, for various reasons, and I was doing duty as sidesperson at church in the morning.

We are very fortunate to have an excellent trumpeter in our organist, and we listened to the Last Post and reveille at the service.

During the week I have seen autumn at its best in the clear cold days and the beauty of the early morning frosts.