The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I saw quite a few skeins of geese flying off, and some ducks as well, during my trip to Grassington.
I saw quite a few skeins of geese flying off, and some ducks as well, during my trip to Grassington.

I have had a very busy week. On the Monday evening I drove up to Malton, to a talk there. On the way I was put off the road by an idiot driving towards me, overtaking at speed on the acute bends in the country lane.

Fortunately, I managed to avoid any damage. The driver of the car that was being overtaken was, I think, as shaken as I was. I got to Malton to discover that the Methodist church in Saville Road was shut, and I was obviously in the wrong location, and I reasoned that it must therefore be at Norton on Derwent, and arrived a few minutes late but to a very kind and warm welcome. The talk went well.

The next day after the usual dog walks and a bit of housework, in the afternoon the talk was at Poppleton Women’s fellowship at the Methodist church there. I have been several times and they are such a pleasant group.

Wednesday was somewhat tiring but also wonderful. I had been invited to speak at Clapham, a village I know well, not far from the Lancashire border. It was at this village hall I gave my first talk after retiring from the police!

I remember it was to the WI and I took a pet lamb with me as I was speaking about sheep. As we sang Jerusalem, the ewe lamb, called Geraldine, burst from her cardboard box and joined in, causing much amusement. This time I realised that a morning start would mean a very early trip, to avoid traffic. I set off at 7.15am and drove there, via the Leeds ring road. Bad mistake!

The traffic was horrendous. I was driving for nearly three hours and arrived safely, still rather early, and was given a very welcome cup of coffee. The talk was to a small but charming group and I think it went well.

I drove back via Grassington, where I needed to see someone. The journey was a delight, on familiar roads in the most beautiful countryside, that I know only too well. On my way home, I went via Nidderdale and the scenery is always spectacular and on this occasion utterly wonderful. In the skies above, I saw quite a few skeins of geese flying off, and some ducks as well. During the day I had enjoyed the delights of Nidderdale, Wharfedale and the western Dales. It brought it home to me how much I miss living there. I arrived home in time to get the dogs out briefly and then had a chat with my friends with whom my Labrador Boo is having a wonderful time.

The next day I was off again, this time to a talk at a hotel in York. I stopped off and saw Boo on the way. The talk was to the Viking Inner Wheel, a group I know does a great deal of good work and they are a friendly organisation.

On the Friday there was yet another talk. I drove over to Harrogate to talk at the AGM of the Vision Support Centre.

I often go to them and they are so friendly. On Saturday I was pretty tired and apart from a short toddle, mainly started spinning some wool from some Zwartbles sheep to knit a woolly hat for their owners for Christmas.