The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I have noticed some wonderful birds of prey, including kestrels, this week.
I have noticed some wonderful birds of prey, including kestrels, this week.

I have been out and about a bit this week, and apart from dog walks have had no talks to speak about.

I have, however, had a series of rehearsals to go to, not to mention practicing for the concert at home as well. I finished the latest patchwork king-size bedspread, and took it into our Age UK shop here in Pocklington.

They had asked what I did with the ties I collected, and I showed them. I then gave it to the shop and was very flattered to see it displayed in the front window a couple of days later. Then I started a couple of cushions for the cricket club, made entirely of cricket related tie pieces.

I have been trying to get my singing voice back all week, and have been hitting the ginger and pineapple to help clear the throat. It does work, but too much has other effects too.

On the Tuesday I had a trip up to Thirsk, one of my favourite places, but the weather was foul, and it was only on my return that I saw a bit of sky. I have a friend whose grown-up daughter has been very depressed and sad recently, and she has always wanted a dog. She did not feel she could cope with a puppy. One of my dogs, Boo, the Labrador, is a loving and gentle creature and I have always felt she would have rather been the only dog.

The daughter came and walked her a couple of times and then we are trying an experiment. Boo has gone on a probationary trial to live with her, and already the daughter is feeling happier and more active. I suspect Boo is being spoiled rotten.

I miss her very much, but I think this could be good for both of them. If it doesn’t work out, she can come back.

I have noticed some wonderful birds of prey over my house this week. First it was a red kite, soaring in an upward circular climb, and a couple of days later I spotted a buzzard, this time swooping down towards the nearby woods. Then a little further afield on a walk I spotted not only a couple of kestrels but a peregrine high up in the sky.

On Saturday I picked up the new glasses I had ordered. They are making life a lot easier for me. In the afternoon it was a final rehearsal for the concert. I was getting quite panicky and came home for a couple of hours to relax.

In this time, I tried a bath, some relaxing exercises, and neither worked. I popped in to my favourite pub on the way, and had a brandy, which did help and then it was waiting for the performance of Pirates of Penzance to start.

The church was packed, the musicians wonderful, and everyone had made terrific efforts with their costumes.

The lass playing Mabel is fantastic, her name is Emma and I can see one day she will be a star. The performance went very well; yes, there were a few glitches, but I think the audience enjoyed it. I do know that the show made £1,000 for our church.

Once home afterwards, I was far too hyped up to sleep and was very grateful for the extra hour overnight and was able to sing in the choir at the church the next morning.

We did two of my favourite anthems. I got an update on Boo when I got home, and all seems to be going well.