The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

The trees are now in their full Autumnal glory. A walk in the woods will provide plenty of colour.
The trees are now in their full Autumnal glory. A walk in the woods will provide plenty of colour.

I have been about a bit this week. I walked the dogs on the Monday and we found that one of the lovely woods we visit is now carpeted with leaves, and it is very colourful.

The dogs certainly enjoyed romping round in the woods and once home settled down to snooze. I did not go to choir on Monday, mainly because I had little or no voice.

Tuesday was very busy. I was booked to speak at the amazing church of the Holy Redeemer on the Boroughbridge Road at York.

Once there I was shown the church which is a fascinating mixture of ancient and modern, having been rebuilt in 1962 from the stones of the ancient church of St Mary the Elder at Bishop Hill in 1962.

My talk was to the ladies group in the church hall and I was made very welcome. They were a brilliant audience and laughed a great deal.

Once I had been treated to a cup of coffee afterwards I headed home to let the dogs out and get changed before setting off again this time a bit further afield, to the fine village of Slingsby, near Castle Howard.

I do love the Howardian Hills and I arrived not quite as early as I had hoped due to my Satnav directing me to quite the wrong place about 20 miles away but I got there early enough to have a look around the village before finding the Methodist School Room. I was rather impressed both by the main church in the village but also the remains of what looked like a castle.

The group I was speaking to were very friendly and great fun, and I got the impression the village is very active indeed with local events and interests.

My drive back was longer than I expected as well, due to a road closure taking me about 10 miles out of my way but I made it home, with little voice left, in time to let the dogs out and then head to bed.

On Wednesday evening I went to a rather important rehearsal for Pirates.

The concert is becoming rather imminent, being on the 28th of this month and we needed to sort out timings as well as the music.

It is going to be great fun both for those of us participating and for the audience.

I had a short walk with the dogs on Thursday and in the late afternoon headed off, this time to Denby Dale in West Yorkshire, to Clayton West Methodist Church, which I eventually found, and as usual arrived a bit early. In the car park is an apple tree and I enjoyed watching several squirrels happily tucking into the fallen apples there.

My hosts were the local collector’s society, and I discovered that not only were they a very interesting group but also my kind of people, interested in history and the unusual. I spoke to a charming gentleman who collects militaria. I was given some ties and several folk admired the quilt made from ties that I had taken with me.

There was another Pirates rehearsal on Friday evening and on Saturday I went to have my eyes tested, and consequently had to part with a lot of money for new spectacles.