The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

Everywhere you look there are huge rolls of straw dotted around the fields.
Everywhere you look there are huge rolls of straw dotted around the fields.

Sunday was very busy for me at church. Somehow, I was down to be assistant church warden, sides person and reader as well as singing in our choir.

With the help of others, I managed to do it all, and we sang, ‘Thou visitest the earth’, a lovely anthem which I have known for many years. I got home afterwards and walked the dogs and then mowed the lawns.

The next day I was due to give a talk to my friends at the Kirklands Centre in Menston. As I approached Grimston, just south of York, to join the A64 I realised the road was gridlocked with queues for miles. I managed to do a detour through York and it did not delay me by too much. I rather enjoy driving across Yorkshire; it shows me the countryside and the rich variety of it. Autumn is my favourite season and the leaves are turning to wonderful russet and yellow colours strongly contrasted by plentiful red and black berries, and everywhere you look the fields are dotted with huge rolls of hay or straw, looking like sentinels.

At Menston I was warmly greeted and everyone was very kind. I was told of an exhibition at a nearby church, of knitted stories from the Bible. Somewhat intrigued, I made my way to the Menston Methodist church and saw this inspirational display, which moves from church to church all over the country. It was an example of good skills and imagination and I found it charming.

That evening it was a Pocklington Singers rehearsal, and we are already working on carols for our concert on December 9.

I ventured forth on the Tuesday to a favourite walk, with all five dogs. It is in a very quiet and moist woodland, which was exceedingly muddy. The dogs thought it was great fun, except for Looroll who hates moisture. We all got filthy and had a good time, and even my old collie, (who had to stop for a rest several times), seemed to enjoy it. When I got home I needed to clean the dogs, the car, inside the car, my clothes, the towels, and my boots.

In the woods the fungi are already making quite a show. In addition to the polypores which I have watched growing for some time, there were a variety of funnel caps and boletes scattered over the ground among a bed of fallen leaves.

Some rusullas seemed to have lost a lot of their colour, but they still made the forest floor look pretty. There are at least two hidden ponds in the wood and one has frogs and I have seen newts there too.

We had a very good rehearsal for Pirates on the Thursday evening. On the Friday I was given some fleeces of Soay sheep to spin and then popped in to my friend’s antique premises at Barmby Moor, where he is hosting a series of art collections, mainly from local artists. Some are superb. On the Saturday I went to a Macmillan Coffee Morning where a lot of money was made for this excellent charity. Then back to walk the dogs and do some much needed housework.