The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

Sue Woodcock, pictured at her spinning wheel.
Sue Woodcock, pictured at her spinning wheel.

On Sunday after walking the dogs very early I took myself to church, but this was a special service. Our parish administrator, who has been doing a superb job for eight years, was retiring and it was at this service we were able to thank her and give her a gift.

Thankfully, we will still see her and she is not leaving us. The service was very pleasant and then back home, to write the weekly article and then out again with the dogs.

On Monday, I headed off to a post office to get my pension and managed one or two other visits and then took a call from an over 55s club in Market Weighton whose speaker had let them down for the following day, and could I step in at short notice; as it happens I was free. Having promised, I then headed home and loaded up for Bubwith, where in the afternoon I arrived at the Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association meeting there.

I have been before and they are a great crowd of ladies. On this occasion, I was giving them a spinning demonstration and had duly loaded up two spinning wheels, a few fleeces and all the boxes and accompanying bits of equipment.

I also took a bedspread made of ties and they wanted to see that as well. Several of the ladies were very interested and a few were even brave enough to have a go. Having had a very pleasant afternoon it was back to my home and I picked a whole bag full of runner beans to give to a friend at the evening’s rehearsal of Pocklington Singers.

It was the start of our new year and it was great catching up with news from everyone. Of course, this also meant that our annual subscriptions were due so I happily paid up and we had a good evening. I was given a picture that had been framed for me by one of the very clever singers and it is now hanging on my antipodean wall. It is of a duck billed platypus.

The next day I went to Market Weighton, and called in at my plumbers to arrange for them to come and do an annual boiler check. Then I went to the Community Hall and gave a talk and had a good chat afterwards.

The next morning, I was back again, this time with a friend whose car is off the road for a few days and she needed some shopping, I stopped for a cup of tea with her when we got back and then walked the dogs when I got home. The temperature is much cooler now and the countryside is beginning to change colour just a little. On Thursday, I went with some other friends to see their sheep and where to feed their feral cat while they have a short break in Scotland. They have Shetland and Kerry Hill sheep and I look forward to checking them for a few days.

They also gave me some lovely fleeces. In the evening, it was another rehearsal, and on the Friday, I was once again in Market Weighton with another friend! On Saturday, I made a real effort and did a load of washing and housework. The house looks remarkably tidy but I am well aware it will not last long!