The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

We visited Piglets Adventure Farm which is just outside York. Picture by James Hardisty.
We visited Piglets Adventure Farm which is just outside York. Picture by James Hardisty.

What a week! My godson and his three-year-old son, arrived from Portsmouth on Sunday, and so we had to find something to entertain the little boy, Alex.

On Monday we went to The Deep in Hull and my godson and I loved the fish and the other animals. I particularly admired the yellow and bright blue frogs. Alex, however, liked them but his highlight was the soft play area. We had a great morning and then, as they had never been over the Humber Bridge we drove to Barton upon Humber before we returned home.

On the Tuesday, it was off on another adventure, this time to Staithes. There is a children’s TV programme with Bernard Cribbins, Old Jack’s Boat, that little Alex loves, so we went there. It is a beautiful little sea village with spectacular scenery and plenty for the children to do. I also enjoyed the Captain Cook Museum, but most of all I was impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of everyone.

We even crossed the beck to enter Cleveland and spent a little while on the beach, but, as the tide was coming in, we headed south to a bit more beach which we found at Sandsend.

Alex was happily employed digging sand castles, and filling his bucket with water, to make a moat and emptied a bucket of water over his dad! We finally dragged him away and drove back across the moor, past Fylingdales with the heather in full bloom. By the time we got home the child was exhausted, and far too excited to go to bed.

The dogs were very helpful, snuggling up to him, and eventually we got him to sleep.

We needed to go into York the next day. My godson has an Apple phone that needed a replacement battery and he was directed to a shop in York.

Having had a tour of shops in York and a trip to Costa we had lunch at the church in Spurriergate.

Alex was very happy in the play area. Then, one minute early, we arrived at the Apple franchise place to be told that they could not replace a battery and we would have to make another appointment to go to Leeds. I was furious and said so. I will certainly never purchase an Apple product.

Having wasted a day of what was a short holiday for them, I looked at various places. We found the perfect one the next day, Piglets Adventure Farm, just outside York. It had everything a small child could want and I found a lot to interest me as well.

Alex is fascinated by tractors and we had a ride in a trailer towed by a large tractor, to an area where he played happily in a bed of dried corn.

The food was excellent and the only hitch was when he thrust his hand at a donkey and got nipped. This was quickly forgotten as he petted goats, watched piglets, and talked to chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, and a huge tortoise. All the animals were delightfully healthy and it was the best day of all.

That evening I had to go to a rehearsal and when I got back he had finally fallen asleep. We were exhausted but it was great to see the little lad so thrilled.