The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

We went for the best steak in Britain at Millington.
We went for the best steak in Britain at Millington.

Another hectic week. My brother, who is full of energy, (rather like a warmed up squash ball), has been organising me, to the extent that I now have a tidy kitchen, study and utility room, and a sitting room.

He arrived at Manchester Airport from Australia and I went to fetch him. By the time we got home he was exhausted having flown for nearly 24 hours.

The next morning we went for a good walk with the dogs, up on the Minster Way, and the views were so lovely across the fields that I wasn’t paying attention and tripped on a stone, grazing my knee and bruising my elbow.

The dogs initially rushed over and licked me and then realising I was not badly hurt ran off to play. On the Tuesday, I was due to give a talk at the oldest hotel in Goole, near the docks, to a great group, the Goolegofar, a really splendid group which organises buses for the community.

I had dropped my brother off to explore Beverley and headed to Goole. I did my talk, which seemed to go down well, and was presented with a bouquet of beautiful flowers that still look magnificent, and a mug. The next day was a very special one. We picked up my friend, and the three of us headed up to Durham, to go to a fabulous exhibition in the cathedral.

We took the Park and Ride into Durham which looks rather like a massive building site at present, and then headed up to the cathedral. The cathedral does not charge an entry fee, and that in itself is amazing with so much to see.

The exhibition, which is not very expensive, is outstanding and all three of us were blown away by it.

The staff and volunteers were very helpful and knowledgeable and it was a very special experience.

Once out of the exhibition I then visited St Bede’s and St Cuthbert’s tombs and admired the massive columns in the knave of the cathedral.

Having seen enough to blow our minds we went back to the city centre and soon we were heading home in torrential rain.

The next day, in the evening, I went over to the village hall at Rufforth, where the WI made me very welcome. On Friday, after returning to the Minster Way, the field of peas had been recently harvested leaving a wonderful smell as we walked. My brother kindly taught me how to do things on the computer which will make life easier for me,

I was scoring for Pocklington first team on Saturday, so dropped my brother off at York, while I went down to Welton and Brough cricket club. We lost by just six runs.

I had the charming company of Sam, a very bright 14-year-old, in the scoring hut. On Sunday, we were up early and down at the West Green in Pocklington, to try and sell some of the surplus things at a car boot sale.

We spent a pleasant morning in the sun, and even sold enough to cover our entrance fee! In the afternoon, it was back to learning the computer and we went for the best steak in Britain at the pub at Millington.