The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

We had a great day at Burnby Hall Gardens, checking out the water lilies and feeding the fish.
We had a great day at Burnby Hall Gardens, checking out the water lilies and feeding the fish.

I have had a rather good week. A long-standing caving friend of mine came up from Bristol for the week, and I picked him up at York on Monday afternoon.

We went out that evening for the usual chat and mini quiz with my friends from Pocklington Singers and the next day, after walking the dogs over to Kilnwick Percy and round the lake there, we treated ourselves to a visit to Burnby Hall Gardens to admire the water lilies.

We fed the fish, much admired the gardens, and had a bite at the cafe. It is so lovely at the moment, and my friend, who is a keen photographer, managed to get some good pictures.

Then he came down with me to Aukley, near Doncaster, that evening where I had been invited to speak to the WI at their magnificent parish centre, which is almost incorporated in the church.

It was a good evening with an excellent audience and they were so friendly. We had to drive back via Selby due to the works on the M62.

Having carefully checked the tide times, the next day we set off for Flamborough, for a caving trip. The weather did not look that promising but when you are going to get wet anyway it doesn’t really matter. On the way, we passed Rudston and we went to see the monolith there. We also looked round the church.

Then on the Flamborough Head. Having kitted ourselves up with the necessary lights, helmets, and safety gear we went down to the beach, near the North Landing at Thornwick Bay. The tide was going out and we had a wonderful time looking at the rocks, both in and out of the caves, and got somewhat damp in the process.

There were many small sea creatures to see and admire.

We headed to the nearby cafe for a cup of tea and a slice of cake. We got some good pictures and drove back down the coast, which my friend had never seen before, and got home to wash the rather grubby, clothes.

On Thursday, we headed of for another fun day, at the National Coal Mining Museum near Wakefield.

Having spent most of the day there we came home and took the dogs out for a good walk on the Minster Way, and then my friend took me for a meal at my favourite pub at Millington.

The next day, after a necessary trip to the shops, he helped me with mowing the lawn and then we took the dogs out for yet another walk at one of my favourite woods near Melbourne.

No sooner had we returned than the heavens opened. During his stay he took many pictures, some of quite dramatic views and some of close up scenes, and the next day I drove him back to York, to catch his train back to Bristol.

I and then rushed back to get to the cricket scoring at Eastrington, near Goole.

I had a happy day in the company of a charming fellow scorer but we didn’t win, and I drove back in time let the dogs out before I was able to change the bedding, and tidy up the house for the visit of my brother from Australia.