The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

Colours in the fields are vibrant at the moment as harvest time begins.
Colours in the fields are vibrant at the moment as harvest time begins.

It has been a hectic week. It started off on the Monday going to Brayton, to the WI meeting at the church hall behind the Church of St Wilfrid.

I have been several times before and each time think what a charming hall it is.

The group were friendly and a good audience. I drove back, sorted out the dogs and then in the evening picked up a friend and together we went to the Pocklington Singers’ summer party, in a wonderful house and garden at Allerthorpe.

The next day was supposed to be one in which I could relax. I walked the dogs, did some gardening, went and did some shopping, and then managed some housework.

On the Wednesday, I set off and headed over the Humber Bridge, which always impresses me, to Lincolnshire. All the way the countryside looked wonderful. The fields are almost ready to harvest and the colours vibrant. Nature can be so very beautiful in its diversification. I had been invited to speak to the Barton-on-Humber Ladies Luncheon Club, at a hotel at Barrow Haven.

The meal was delicious and the ladies were great fun and after my talk I headed home, to let the dogs out and relax for a short while before heading off to Heslington, near York, to speak to the Yorkshire Countrywomen’s Association there. It was a small group, meeting in a charming old Methodist chapel.

The next day it was a morning at home and out with the dogs. A friend popped round and I was able to take her, and a pond liner I no longer needed, round to her place, before setting off, this time for Cottingham, to the Derby and Joan Hall there to speak to the University of the Third Age. The hall was full and my talk seemed to go down well.

I went home and had a short break before setting of to speak to the WI at Hedon, east of Hull.

This meeting was at a Methodist Hall and the WI there was very well supported.

They were a large audience and I had a really interesting evening.

I drove home and was up early on the Friday, as I needed to take one my cats to the vet for a check-up. I went shopping, and managed to harvest some of my beans and broad beans from my vegetable patch. I later headed into Church for a choir rehearsal for Sunday.

The next afternoon I was due to score for the cricket team, and we were at home. I wanted to finish in time to get to a concert in the evening. I need not have worried.

Having won the toss, we put the opposing team in to bat and they were all out in about an hour, for a club record of 16. Then our team went in and within six overs had scored 19. Match over!

In the evening, I got to the concert, Michael Cooper singing the songs of Flanders and Swann. I can honestly say it was the best evening’s entertainment I have had for some time. The next morning in church we sang the anthems, and in the afternoon my ex-lodger popped, with his mother. He is now a teacher down in the Midlands.