The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

I really like York. So do many visitors, and the city was swarming with them.
I really like York. So do many visitors, and the city was swarming with them.

On Monday, having walked the dogs first thing, I sallied forth and visited the post office and then answered some letters and in the evening, I went to Market Weighton, and having used the big supermarket there I went on to the meeting rooms at the Roman Catholic church.

They were such a great group, and amongst the audience was a retired police officer who later told me he could relate to several of my stories.

I noticed that something from under the car was leaking on the drive so I went the next morning to my wonderful garage who identified that it was my radiator that was leaking. It would take a while to obtain the necessary part so I made it home and then concentrated on gardening, dog walking and managed to relax with some sewing in the evening. I returned the car to the garage first thing the next morning, praying that the water would not leak totally from the radiator before I got there, which it didn’t.

The garage kindly gave me a lift home and a couple of hours later they rang to say could they please have the car keys, which were not as I had said, in the car. I felt in my pocket and they were there! I can only put it down to habit of not leaving the keys in the car. I was about to walk to the garage when my wonderful Avon Lady arrived with my order, I explained I was just out, and how foolish I felt and, bless her, she gave me a lift to the garage, and then home again. More gardening, and the garage proprietor picked me up and took me back there, when I paid the bill, which was not as bad as I had feared, and again I (rather uncharacteristically) relaxed.

The next day I did some shopping and in the evening, we had a short rehearsal before some auditions for Pirates of Penzance. I tried for the part of the Sergeant of Police, which I have sung before. Then, with a small group we went to the pub, to calm our nerves.

The next morning, I called in at a friend’s home and bought some eggs from her and then carried on and took myself off to York for a trip. I really like York. So do many visitors, and the city was swarming with them.

I managed to get a few things and then took myself of to a church cafe and after a snack, returned home via the pet food suppliers and I got some more bird food for the many birds who obviously consider my garden the perfect takeaway. I have also been able to start eating some of my vegetables, French beans, some cucumber and I use the nasturtium leaves in salad, and also some of the mint leaves from my herb garden.

I have done some more planting, and no sooner do I mow the lawn, then it rains and in no time the grass needs cutting again.

I have enjoyed being out and about, looking at the beauty of the countryside at the lush growth in the hedgerows and the splendid crops. In some fields the corn is almost ripe, and I saw a broad bean field looking healthy and almost ready to harvest.