The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

Some of the residents who watched the Tour De Yorkshire. All Saint's Church was adorned with a fantastic yellow T-shirt for the occasion. Photo: Poppy Kennedy.
Some of the residents who watched the Tour De Yorkshire. All Saint's Church was adorned with a fantastic yellow T-shirt for the occasion. Photo: Poppy Kennedy.

I have had a comparatively uneventful week for a change. On Monday I needed to go over to Morley and enjoyed looking in some of the shops there.

I rather like Morley and especially admired the statue of Ernie Wise.

I got home in time to walk the dogs and then later made it to the Singers rehearsal.

The weather had turned wintery and there was a frost first thing and all week it has seemed cold. I delayed planting out my beans and peas but on Tuesday my handyman came and helped with grass cutting and some planting, mainly of shrubs.

A little while ago I was given a pot of bay tree cuttings all of which had rooted and I have planted a bay tree hedge in the small area of my garden where I hang my washing.

In time, I hope it will look rather pleasant.

On Wednesday I went to a friend’s house for another rehearsal for the forthcoming concert, and found it most helpful. There was only a small group of us and we managed to do a lot of ‘note bashing’.

Then in the evening was the Annual Parish meeting, where the parish church council, Deanery Synod representatives and churchwardens are appointed. This went remarkably smoothly and very quickly and I got home in time to watch some television for a change.

A young friend came around the next afternoon and together we walked the three younger dogs. We took them on the public footpath next to the golf course and then into some woods where they could run around. One golfer said that he couldn’t concentrate because of the noise we were making, (on what is a public right of way). He said he was joking, and I hope he meant that. There is a sign on the footpath saying to watch for golfers, and another later that warns you not to proceed across the driving range unless it is clear. I have always ignored that.

If they put a driving range across a public footpath it should be the golfers that give way to walkers. The golf course is massive and why they had to put the driving range across the path I am not sure. Later that evening I went for yet another rehearsal. I shall be quite relieved when the concert is over.

Friday was quite a day. The Tour de Yorkshire was coming through Pocklington. Every affected road had been swept clean, all cars removed and no parking was allowed in the main street. Barriers were erected.

The sprint stage started just at the bottom of my road. I had been asked to help with duties at the church. I went into town quite early and did some necessary shopping and then picked up a friend who cannot walk far and dropped her off at the church, found somewhere on the outskirts of town to park, and once at the church collected leaflets for the Flying Man Weekend and sallied forth into the growing crowds to hand them out. The world and his wife seemed to be in town.

They certainly did the cyclists proud. Even our church had a huge yellow T-shirt on the tower and the whole town and route was decorated with blue and yellow, and bicycles were everywhere. Excitement started building as we were told of the progress of the race.

The media were there in force and there was entertainment for the children, and our Pocklington School Band were excellent.

Also present, and very welcome, were a Pakistani band who travelled in the most wonderful bus, and everyone had a great time. The schools all attended the event. Then the motor cycle outriders started coming through. I noticed one of the Police Motorcycles was from Wales! Then the cheering started and the flag waving, and soon the leading riders flashed though, followed not long after by the peloton.

The church bells were ringing, the cheers were deafening and then it was all gone. There was a distinct air of deflation as everyone dispersed.

All the cafes and hostelries did very well and the whole event was very beneficial for the town. For one day, at least, we managed to forget about the General Election and just enjoy the day.

I took my friend home and went back, walked the dogs, and had another evening in!

On the Saturday I scored for our cricket team ant a pleasant ground not far away, and had a cold and therefore thankfully a rather short time in the company of their team’s scorer, a charming young man of 10 years, who was very polite and very knowledgeable.

The tea provided after the first innings was delicious and the hot drink very much appreciated.