The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

It is such a thrill to see all the buds waiting to burst into life. Picture by Heather Mason.
It is such a thrill to see all the buds waiting to burst into life. Picture by Heather Mason.

Spring is definitely on the way. On the Monday, after seeing the dogs had a short walk, I headed into the shops to do some much-needed shopping.

I went to rehearsal that evening and was back fairly late as I had enjoyed an hour or so in the pub afterwards with friends.

Twice this week I have walked the dogs with a good friend, who has recently retired. I was able to show her the delights of Cleaving Coombe which is quite close to where she lives. She had seen part of the valley but had no idea how to access it.

Of course, the dogs had a wonderful time and a good run around.

I had, fortunately, put Brock back on the lead when a magnificent hare jumped up almost in front of us and legged it off up the valley. It was a sight to behold.

They really can run very fast. This one seemed to be very fit and healthy and it was a privilege to watch.

Then my friend the red kite joined us.

We watched in awe as it dived and swooped on land close by.

Then it flew off to a nearby wood and the next thing was that there were four of them hovering overhead.

There is no official collective noun for kites so I am going to describe them as a Kyrie of Kites.

We got very muddy on our walk as the ground was sodden and rather glutinous, and I dropped my friend off on the way home and then did some shopping and then once home, washed me, the dogs, the towels, but the dogs lay happily tired, quietly, for the rest of the day.

The next day the weather wasn’t so good and a short walk was all the dogs wanted. That I can do in close proximity of my home. My older dog, Fair, was stiff and didn’t want to go far so I left her at home and took the others.

Then it was off back to the village hall at Bishop Burton, this time to talk to the Beverley Stroke Club.

They had kindly invited me to lunch, and were really excellent company.

The food was superb and I was tempted to a couple of sweets, one of which was a delicious trifle.

The only problem was, it made me feel guilty, as I had decided to give up sweets and chocolate for Lent, but quickly decided to start the next day! I was sat next to a retired teacher called Sean, who was very interesting.

I had been asked to take some of my patchwork items and was given quite a lot of ties in return. I really enjoyed the afternoon, and once home set to sorting the ties out.

On the Thursday I once again picked up my friend and this time took her and the dogs to the Hudson Way, which she had never found before. It was one of those wonderful colourful spring days, not too cold and with a healthy breeze. Again, we spotted a kite, but the main thrill was seeing all the buds waiting to burst forth when the weather is right.

The views across this wonderful part of the Wolds is a real treat.

Under foot it was muddy, and we went some way, and the whole walk took about two hours.

On the way back, we stopped at a garden centre and had a much-needed hot drink and a bun in the café there. My friend opted for a hot chocolate and I was strong minded and had a black coffee.

On Friday I wanted to go into York, mainly to see a friend who has been very ill and in hospital since November but is thankfully now on the mend.

The staff at the hospital are so good and helpful.

There was little I could take my friend, as he is still ‘nil by mouth’ and they do not want you taking flowers.

The poor chap has lost at least four stone but is remarkably cheerful and seemed pleased to see me, as I was to see him.

I didn’t stay too long and then went into York to get some items and then home.

I took the dogs out later.

I had designated Saturday as a cleaning day. I hate housework and do as little as I can, but must clean occasionally. I went out in the afternoon for more cleaning fluids.

I took two patchwork cushions I had made to a charity shop, in the hopes they can sell them and raise a bit of money.

I got back and did more cleaning, leaving the utility room for the next day.

One day a genius will invent a cleaning robot!