The Wolds Diary column with Sue Woodcock

A magnificent red kite became our companion for almost an hour.
A magnificent red kite became our companion for almost an hour.

I have had a very hectic week. On Monday evening I headed off into Hull and after an interesting tour round a part of Hull I am not familiar with, which my satnav did not seem to recognise. I eventually found St Ninian’s and St Andrew Church where I had been invited to speak to the Hull Ladies Circle in the rather fine church hall there.

They were a lovely group and a good audience. After a welcome cuppa and some chat, I drove home, this time ignoring my satnav and finding a road I recognised and navigating from there.

I was up early the next morning and took the dogs out for a mega walk, to Cleaving Coombe, one of my favourite places.

This is a dramatic almost hidden valley, with steep sides that slope down to a narrow valley floor with a fascinating circle at the bottom that might once have been a well or other circular structure.

Now it is just a grass bank. It can be very muddy. In the spring it has delightful wild flowers.

My dogs love it, but on this occasion, we had company.

A particularly handsome red kite decided to follow us and hovered overhead waiting, I think to see if the dogs flushed out any food for it.

It was so close above me at times that I could see the markings.

It stayed in the vicinity for almost an hour, occasionally swooping down and catching something, flying off to a nearby wood and then returning a few minutes later.

The dogs and I got back to the car just as the weather changed and we all needed a thorough wash when we got home.

That evening I had to go to a meeting at Bridlington, and the journey home was an opportunity to see wildlife beside the road.

I was a little surprised to spot an otter near Burton Agnes.

I was back in Bridlington the next day, at the Expanse Hotel where I was speaking to the Lifeboats Ladies, at their lunch.

They were such fun and the meal went well and I was glad to be able to help.

It is a charity I have always admired.

I got home in time to take the dogs for a short walk before heading off for an evening talk, this time at a Civil Service club at a pub at Skelton, near York.

As usual I arrived early and had time to have a fruit juice in the bar, before going upstairs to the meeting room there.

I think I am getting very old, I was amazed at the siting of a TV in each sitting area of the huge bar,huge TV screens with football on, and the numbers of small children everywhere.

Upstairs my audience soon arrived and they were very good and laughed a lot. By the time I got home that evening, I was quite weary.

The next morning after a short walk, I was off to the coast again, not to give a talk this time but I had been invited to a meal with a friend at a hotel in Scarborough, with the retired teachers’ group to which she belongs. It was an excellent meal in good company.

It was also ‘Doris Day’ and as I sat there I watched the waves building up on the headland and by 3pm the weather had started to get very nasty.

I dropped my friend off took the opportunity to call in to a huge supermarket just outside Scarborough and do some much-needed shopping.

I became aware that some shoplifters had left the store with a trolley full of goods which had not been paid for.

I was told that this is not uncommon, but the staff had lost them in the car park. I drove very carefully back home, avoiding huge puddles and slippery areas on the roads.

The storm came in with a vengeance and I was glad to be safe at home that night.

I went to take the dogs out on Friday but we didn’t get far. Looroll, my larger dog, hates the wet and refused.

None of the other seemed too keen either, so I had a quiet day at home, catching up on chores. Saturday was rather similar.

On Sunday, we had our usual choir at church, and sang some good music.

The whole of Pocklington was taken over by some running event so I had to walk some way from where I could park the car.

At the social meeting afterwards I was happy to sign a petition objecting to the ambulance service in our area being taken over by a private firm.

The ambulance service we have is excellent.