The Shopkeeper: The hassle of repairing vandalism

Lionel Cashin
Lionel Cashin

Well no sooner did we get the leaking roof fixed and then a lovely person decided to kick one of our front windows in late one Friday night! People have no idea what consequences there are when vandalising shops and the cost, hassle and time it has taken to renew the window, screen print and move the stock to be able to make things right.

It has been many years thankfully since we have had to deal with anything like this.

It made me think of who may be to blame and how people do tend to blame the ‘youth of today’.

In our shop we have, over the years, employed many young people, either delivering the news or working behind the counter.

We are very proud of all of our staff and particularly enjoy seeing the shy 16 year olds blossom into confident adults with a good grounding and work ethic – let’s face it they are working when most people are still in their beds, all of the youngsters that work in the shop started off with paper rounds – that’s how we now what potential they have!

On the Town Team front the orders are in for 80 hanging baskets and we are looking forward to Southgate and the High Street looking as colourful as it did last year!

We have again arranged for 2 buses to transport people up to, and back from, the start of the Kiplingcotes Derby on March 20th There are 2 stops – one outside The Griffin and one outside Asda and they will start running at 9.30 then at and 10.30 am. If you use the buses, you can pick up a competition entry to find a Giant Bradley statue in one of the businesses in Market Weighton after the race and the prize is £100!!

You will have read in the Pocklington Post that the Health and Safety ‘heads’ are making it more and more difficult for the race to proceed and harder for spectators to get to the race so we hope you will take advantage of the buses being provided by the Market Weighton Town Team. It’s a great local event that we can all take pride in.