The Shopkeeper: Excitement building for the Tour

The route of the Tour De Yorkshire on Saturday 2 May when it comes to Market Weighton
The route of the Tour De Yorkshire on Saturday 2 May when it comes to Market Weighton

What a difference some warm sunshine makes. Everyone feels better and there seems an extra spring in customers’ steps.

All the forecasts seem to point to a long and warm summer and personally I can’t wait.

We are all organised in the Town Team to have over a hundred hanging baskets erected along the High Street, Market Place and Southgate and thanks to the magnificent support of a local charity they will be properly maintained for all the summer period.

So thank you to the R B Massey Memorial Trust for their support. They will be a great sight and well worth coming to see.

And talking of things that are worth coming to see the Tour De Yorkshire inaugural race hits town on 2 May and the Market Weighton High Street is the perfect place to experience the excitement and get a real feel for the speed at which these cyclists travel.

Come early to get the best positions; the race is due to pass through just after 12noon.

Our shops are putting on a special effort so stay and explore, there’s something for everyone and there will be a special ‘craft’ market from 9.30am until 2pm off the Market Place.

The Town Team have organised a special competition for residents on Holme Road and Sancton Road (the cyclists route in and out of Market Weighton) to encourage them to dress up their front garden or windows using the Tours colours of blue and a dash of yellow.

And of course there will be a prize for the best endeavour!

Market Weighton will be bedecked with colourful bunting, balloons and, of course the Yorkshire Flags. We are really grateful for the town council who have worked with us to make sure we all have a day to remember. Don’t forget to come and say ‘hi’ to us in the Paper Shop!

On a more serious note, we have the elections coming up at local and national level and the outcome has never, in my view, been more difficult to predict so even more important to vote.

I feel that whatever the outcome big changes will affect all of us and in business uncertainty is never good.

As a small business we have enjoyed some business rate relief in recent years but we’ve just received notice that this is going to finish in a year’s time.

To finish where I started, the sunshine makes so all feel better and they haven’t found a way to tax it yet!