The Russians are coming

Don’t panic, there are only six of them.

Five of them are celebrated male singers, who are soloists from theatres and concert companies of St Petersbuurg, Kirov Opera and Maly Opera. The sixth member is a lady who is a professional pianist.

They are called The Hermitage Association and they perform Russian traditional church music and some Russian folk songs.

They have been coming to the UK and touring round venues for the last 10 years. All Saints’ Church in Pocklington will be the nearest venue for East and North Yorkshire in 2011. They will be in Pocklington on Friday, 6 May, with the concert starting at 7.30pm.

It promises to be an excellent evening, with some supper and a glass of wine included in the modest price of £8. Every choir leader and singer in the area should go to hear them, because their sound and their musicality are quite unique.

Tickets can be reserved by telephoning the church office on 01759 306045 or Margaret Watson on 01759 303802.