The health and fitness column with personal trainer Mel Spencer

A a personal trainer I educate first and train later.
A a personal trainer I educate first and train later.

So, you want to get fit and healthy in 2019? How many times have you thought to yourself in January that you are going to start a new health regime and by March you feel exhausted, tired and demoralised?

Don’t worry, you are part of the majority of people who set out with such good intentions but never achieve their goals because it’s such hard work both physically and mentally.

If I were to ask you what are your goals, what would they be?

Do you want to be slimmer?

Have more flexibility?

Or just be healthier?

We all have our individual targets. But what if I asked you how long would you like your results to last?

I would assume most people would answer, forever. This is probably the most important question of all.

Any trainer can make someone work very hard over a short space of time to achieve temporary quick fix goals.

I live by the motto “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

Quick loss, quick gain – as seen in yo-yo dieting.

We should be looking at long-term, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Training in the new year doesn’t have to be brutal and you most certainly don’t need to starve yourself.

It should be regulated with long-term goals in sight, fit in with you and your family life and most importantly, it should be fun.

Think of your brain as the roots of a tree and your body as the rest of the tree. If the roots flourish then so does the tree and vice versa.

As a trainer I educate first and train later, by doing so the mind will flourish with knowledge, it will see the long-term goal and gradually work through short term targets to achieve the long-term goal without sacrifice or restrictions.

The most common goal is for someone to make the best of what they have in the shortest timeframe possible, but most importantly they want to stay there for as long as possible and for it to be realistic.

The only way to achieve that goal is to educate yourself correctly on what you are doing and why.

80% of people starting out on their new health quest this January will quit before May, don’t let yourself be one of them.

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