The headteacher column with Jonathan Britton

Jonathan Britton.
Jonathan Britton.

The joy of teaching is in the interactions with pupils and being able to witness in every lesson their reactions, excitement and the journey they undertake as they start to learn new ideas, new concepts and start to understand and be inspired by your subject.

It is ultimately these experiences that make this a unique profession and one that I love.

Woldgate School and Sixth Form College.

Woldgate School and Sixth Form College.

It is these interactions and watching pupils’ reactions, seeing them grow in knowledge and confidence that ultimately provides the motivation and desire to do the best for the children in our care.

Teaching is a vocation, a desire to serve others and to do good.

Every week I continue to teach and it is, as I expect it will always be, the highlight of my week as I do my very best to plan my lesson, teach and ultimately try to help pupils understand a new concept, in a fun, engaging and interesting way.

When a lesson flows and pupils answers start to demonstrate understanding it is so rewarding.

As they grasp new concepts, the surprise question related to something they’ve read or seen often emerges, as their curiosity is sparked and their desire to understand and learn leads to discussions that link to the subject content.

Recently, I was fortunate to meet two parents of former pupils – pupils who I’d taught for many years, who had a great passion and ability for the subject and who spent most of their free time in my department pursuing subject related projects.

Their passion had resulted in visits and participation in many competitions. It was, therefore, a little surprising, as it seemed like only yesterday, to hear how one was now a Charted Civil Engineer and the other a Chartered Chemical Engineer, both with large international companies.

I returned home, following the conversation, feeling renewed and as determined as ever to make a difference.

I know that for one of my former pupils his achievements will be very tangible in the bridges he designs.

For me, though, the privilege of working with children and young adults, is the joy of knowing that for many pupils, their shared passion for your subject, will not only drive a determination each lesson to learn more, but will for some, lead to a lifetime of achievements and happiness as they thrive in their chosen careers.