The headteacher column with Jonathan Britton

Woldgate headteacher Jonathan Britton.
Woldgate headteacher Jonathan Britton.

Woldgate is a school with a distinct vision for education.

Our view of an outstanding school is based on shared values, where every child is known and cared for as an individual.

Woldgate School has a positive, welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Woldgate School has a positive, welcoming and warm atmosphere.

To cultivate this, we build a supportive and caring community, where a child’s talents can grow through academic study and the opportunity to participate in the many activities, productions and visits that make Woldgate School unique.

We are a school with a positive, welcoming, warm atmosphere, in which pupils take pride in their achievements and where each individual pupil achieves academically through consistently good teaching, in an environment that seeks to nurture their love of learning and challenges them to excel.

This year our pupils have once again excelled in their studies.

The new Progress 8 is a measure that schools will now be judged against – the new ‘Gold Standard’ for school performance.

The old five grades at A*-C including English and Mathematics will now slowly disappear.

The Progress 8 measure will be based on pupils’ progress measured across their eight best subjects within the following criteria:

l A double weighted GCSE Mathematics component.

l A double weighted GCSE English component.

l The three highest grades from the EBacc subjects – Science, Computer Science, Geography, History and Languages.

l The best three grades from any of the remaining subjects included within the “Open Group”.

This could be three vocational subjects, EBacc subjects, or any others included on the approved list.

The emphasis is, therefore, on the quality of teaching and outcomes across eight key subjects, with English and Mathematics remaining the key focus, but with a greater emphasis being placed on a pupil’s performance across different academic disciplines.

Woldgate School is, once again, ranked as one of the three highest performing schools in the City of York, alongside Huntington and Millthorpe School.

The Progress 8 measure also places the school in the top 20% of all schools nationally. With the average grade per pupil (CB8) being a B grade and with 50% of our schools pupils achieving an A*-A grade.

The school was also ranked earlier this year, by the Department of Education, as one of the ‘Top 100’ most improved in the country and also featured in a national publication with a foreword by the Rt Hon Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Rt Hon Stephen Timms MP on behalf of the Education Select Committee.

We are simply overjoyed at these outcomes for our children, parents and our community.

I feel privileged to lead Woldgate School and Sixth Form College, to be part of this community and to work with these wonderful young people.

Results such as these are only possible due to a combination of the determination and commitment of pupils, the dedication of staff in delivering high quality teaching and the support of parents to ensure our young people are cared for, supported and challenged to do their very best.

It is this partnership that enables our children to excel in their studies.