The Grain column with Emma Croft

Emma Croft, farm trader at Anderson Grain Marketing Limited.
Emma Croft, farm trader at Anderson Grain Marketing Limited.

Despite the excitement on the screen, the grain market is suspiciously quiet this week.

With most of the enthusiasm stemming from various poor US weather reports over the weekend and a USDA report due sometime mid-week, buyers appear reluctant to over commit and follow the screen pound for pound at the moment. It may have moved up £2/T since Friday but the end-user bids are generally unchanged.

New crop feed wheat for harvest collection is currently valued in the region of £147/T ex-farm.

Further forward, the benchmark £150/T ex-farm is currently offered for October collection.

For those of you looking to take a gamble on movement next year – £160/T ex-farm is being offered for collection next summer.

OSR values are also significantly improved this week as hailstones arrive across key growing areas in Canada over the weekend.

OSR for as available collection off the combine at harvest is currently valued in the region of £310/T ex-farm – please contact the office to discuss your movement requirements.

With winter barley harvest now well underway across the EU, thoughts are now turning to the quality/quantity of this season’s crop. AHDB have added that with adverse conditions hitting key barley growing regions across key growing areas earlier this year, concerns have “certainly been building” over the impact this might have had on the crop.

Current forecasts suggest that EU winter barley output is expected to fall this season at 58 million tonnes, a 3% decline on last year.

Closer to home, a few samples arrived into the office towards the back end of the week and judging by the telephones this morning, several have made a start over the weekend.

A couple of six row barley samples from the York area have been particularly pleasing and although overall quality is nothing overly special, yields have approached the 3.5 tonne per acre mark.

We have also seen a few two row samples and quality is comfortably over the required 63.5kg/hl. Yields seen so far are anywhere between 2.5 – 3.5 tonnes per acre.

We are yet to see any malting samples but I dare say that a few will be itching to make a start over the weekend.

For those of you looking to sell feed barley for collection straight off the combine at harvest, £115/T ex-farm currently looks like a generous offer.

More than £30/T now separates the wheat and barley value and with plenty of spring barley in the ground yet to come, could we see this widen even further?