The Farming Column with Sam Walton

The Pink Pork bus was sponsored by the EU.
The Pink Pork bus was sponsored by the EU.

It is not often I rant and rave, but I was incensed recently when I read a report that a pink bus was driving around the UK with adverts for European pork, I think majoring on France and Spain.

That was bad enough, but when you hear it was sponsored by the EU, that made it even worse.

I wasn’t sure whether or not the EU were trying to tell us something or not.

If the EU wants to promote pork, promote UK pork as it is the finest available produced by dedicated professionals and I sincerely hope the British public understand and appreciate that fact.

Can you imagine what the French farmers would do if we drove a UK bus around their country spelling out the benefits of English Pork? The driver would probably be lynched, the tyres would be let down and the bus probably set on fire!

Advertising is big business today and doubtless the cost of that is reflected in higher food prices as they are certainly not cheap to have made.

Yes, advertising has created a whole new industry with some fairly well paid staff and I do not begrudge them that as some are exceedingly clever and work well. My thoughts are that most people know what they are going for when they go shopping and everything is well marked wherever you shop. There might be something new and exciting but instead of spending millions, just put a poster up in the shop. They would save themselves money, they could probably pay the farmer another shilling and reduce the cost to the general public who by all accounts are falling behind in the pay packet region.

I don’t suppose we have ever lived in an ideal World and I don’t suppose we ever will but along with food in the stores, there is always food for thought.