The East Riding of Yorkshire Council leader’s column with Councillor Richard Burton

Part of the flood alleviation scheme that protects Pocklington.
Part of the flood alleviation scheme that protects Pocklington.

A new year and a new decade is the perfect time to talk about the council’s continued investment in Pocklington and how this support residents, businesses and communities.

Many will recall that, before Christmas, we saw some significant rainfall events in the East Riding and Pocklington was no different.

Following repeated flooding in the town centre, the council developed a flood alleviation scheme for Pocklington, based around the construction of a new earth bund and water storage reservoir upstream of the town.

In the event of heavy rain, excess water in Pocklington Beck is captured and temporarily stored in the reservoir before it can reach the town. The new reservoir can store 90,000 cubic metres of water – the equivalent of 36 Olympic-sized swimming pools. This will reduce flood risk to 140 homes and businesses.

The scheme cost just under £5million, including £500,000 from the Local Growth Fund and £3million from an innovative partnership arrangement with a local property developer. In addition the project received a grant of £900,000 from the Environment Agency’s Grant in Aid funding and an allocation of £440,000 from the Local Levy.

Works started on site August 2018 and completed in September last year. During the period of heavy rain in November the scheme operated for the first time and successfully prevented flood water reaching the town centre.

I’m sure that the scheme working as designed will have brought comfort to many and provided a little more peace of mind.

The council is also investing in highway maintenance in the area, including reconstruction works on The Balk, at a value of approximately £300,000, which were completed in November.

In addition, reconstruction work on the carriageway at The Oval began at the beginning of January at a cost of approximately £300,000 with a further £70,000 being spent on footway improvement works on the same site.

It isn’t just large scale investment that are making a difference, the council’s local transport plan (2012-2029) sees funds allocated for a variety of small-scale transport improvement schemes as well.

As part of this, Pocklington has a local cycling and walking infrastructure plan which was developed with the town council and identifies schemes to encourage sustainable transport.

Schemes delivered in 2019/20 include:

○ A new £7,000 pedestrian facility on The Mile at Chapmangate, which included a pedestrian island with dropped kerbs and tactile paving.

○ An improved footway along Yapham Road, including a new surface and widened in places, at an approximate cost of £80,000.

○ Electric vehicle charging point in West Green Car Park, with fast charging facilities for two vehicles at an approximate cost of £6,500.

○ Capital investment by the public sector, such as those projects I have explained, acts as a catalyst for other people and organisations to invest, such as the private sector.

The council has an excellent track record when it comes to delivery and we will continue to look at projects that improve the lives of our residents, support local business and boost the East Riding economy.