The church column with Rev Neville Simpson

Rev Neville Simpson
Rev Neville Simpson

I’ve been taken aback lately by the number of activities available in Pocklington. I’m wondering if we could provide an alternative craft based family friendly way of being church called ‘Messy Church’ and recruit new singers for the choir that meet on our premises but there is already lots happening out there.

We all enjoy having the opportunity to do the things we like whether it’s crafts playing rugby, supporting a cricket team, singing, painting, martial arts, knitting, learning a language, church, Scrabble or anything else.

This is also the case for children with cubs, guides, choirs and a plethora of other after school or weekend activities.

Some parents must be tempted to put a sign on their car that says taxi! We are fortunate there are many recreational and leisure activities for young and old alike in Pocklington.

They provide friendships, networks and support.

They build community. They sustain us in living.

Seeing this happen in the church is an absolute joy.

Human beings were not created to live in isolation.

I’ve had conversations lately about people being unwilling to take up leadership roles and avoiding commitment to attend and be part of groups.

You may think I’m going on about the church and I could well be.

However they have been about the difficulty in persuading parents to be school governors and a uniformed organisation saying their group will cease if leaders can’t be found.

I wonder why is this the case? Is it because we are too busy?

Is it because we don’t want to commit and be tied down?

Or is it because we don’t have the confidence to have a go because we think we aren’t good enough?

I suspect it is the latter.

It needs someone better, smarter, more experienced and more capable than me.

If watching Children in Need and particularly the ‘Rickshaw Challenge’ on television teaches you anything it is this.

Never underestimate the potential within each person to go above and beyond expectation.

Never underestimate what can be achieved by what is offered.

Never underestimate what you can do that will bring hope and love and help to others.

Jesus saw potential in people to be leaders and ‘game changers’ way beyond their expectations.

Potential in fishermen to be motivational speakers and organisers of one of the fastest growing movements ever known.

Potential in dodgy tax collectors to become generous patrons and defenders of the poor.

Potential in a woman ostracized by her community and of another faith to be the voice to bring others to Jesus.

God uses the unexpected, the weak and the vulnerable to change communities and I believe the world for the better.

It seems it is not your ability that matters but willingness to offer and be involved and through offering great things happen.

Imagine what potential God sees in you that you don’t see in yourself and the difference you can make.

So why not offer to be involved in making this town and its groups and its churches even better and saying “I’ll give it a go and get involved”.