The church column with Rev Neville Simpson

Rev Neville Simpson.
Rev Neville Simpson.

The Manse (Church House) I live in at Pocklington is at least 150 years old as it was built on the site at the same time or shortly thereafter as the church.

It has stood the test of time despite its quirks and faults and it’s still standing.

We all want a house that is built to last.

We all want a house that is built to last.

As you walk around Pocklington you see numerous new houses or flats being built to meet the increasing demand for housing. I look at them all and can’t help but think will they really sell them all?

I wonder what do you look for when purchasing a house, after all it’s probably the biggest purchase you’ll ever make? The chances are we will all have one thing in common. We want the house to be built to last. We want it to stay up and stable.

It’s the same for life. Jesus tells a story about two houses both the same, probably built by the same builder with the same materials. The only difference is one is built on sand and the other on rock.

While the weather is fair neither has a problem. It’s when the rains start, the storms build and the floods come. Then the house built on sand is destroyed and the house built on rock stands firm. The type of story Jesus told is known as a parable.

They have more than one meaning and you have to struggle a bit with them to understand what that is.

We can all cope when everything is fine but we need something to keep hold us firm when the tough times come which they do for us all. The foundation that holds me fast is Jesus Christ and his life and teaching. That teaching gives me advice on how to live such as love God and love your neighbour who is anyone in need. That teaching tells me I’ll never face anything on my as own Jesus is with me.

That teaching surrounds me with people who will provide help and love when I need it. That teaching gives a moral framework for the challenges I face. Most importantly that teaching says Jesus will be my rock, my foundation, my strength for the journey of life and even through death to be with him forever.

Whether you are a person of faith or not putting down foundational values on which to build your life is a good thing. Often family pass many of your core values to you and it’s worth reflecting on what they are. May they keep you in good stead when the storms come and may your family and friends be the underpinning required to keep you safe through the storms of life.