The church column with Rev Neville Simpson

Rev Neville Simpson.
Rev Neville Simpson.

It is good to see the garden coming back to life this spring. I am appreciating it greatly this year as we had a garden ‘makeover’ last year transforming our backyard into a walled garden.

It is a joy to be able to spend time in there, it is a sanctuary, and we are grateful to those who made it possible.

Snowdrops and other spring bulbs give a message of new life and hope.

Snowdrops and other spring bulbs give a message of new life and hope.

Methodist ministers move regularly and one exciting thing is that you haven’t got a clue what plants you’ve inherited in your new garden.

That provides for me an added challenge of deciding what’s a flower or a weed.

I suspect many mistakes have been made over the years! I enjoy the snowdrops and other bulbs pushing their way through the soil to grow and flower. They give a message of new life and hope.

Gardeners soon discover that if you want plants to thrive and the garden to look its best you have to prune back last year’s growth and clear out last year’s rubbish.

As human beings I suspect we require the same to evolve and develop. We need to ‘prune back’ what we do and ‘clear out the rubbish’ to provide space for new growth.

Even the good things need ‘pruning’ so they continue to thrive. This may require being more focused about what we do to allow it to blossom and grow even more or adopting a positive attitude of mind to try something new.

It may also require stopping something that is debilitating your life. This is not easy as we like to hold on to the familiar even if it’s not good for us.

Lent is traditionally a time in for taking stock of life and relationship with God. Easter is a time when we reflect on death (Jesus died on the cross) and new life (as Jesus rose from the tomb).

Jesus also says he came so that all people may have fulfilled and thriving lives.

So how might we thrive in life not just survive? I consider it requires asking God to clear some of the rubbish out of your life and by that I mean that which separates us from God (some would call this sin) and Jesus died and rose to new life to set us free from it.

This makes space so that you can become the person God calls you to be and flourish and flower and lead a fruitful and meaningful life.

So why not give it a try and see what happens? Even if you don’t agree with my faith perspective taking stock in life and reviewing what you do is no bad thing anyway.

Have a blessed and peaceful Easter.