The Church Column with Rev Dr Susan Pulko

Rev Dr Susan Pulko.
Rev Dr Susan Pulko.

I was listening to the radio in a long queue of traffic on the M1 when I heard the news about Mr Osborne’s appointment as editor of the Evening Standard.

He claimed that he could edit the newspaper in the morning, and still represent his constituents because voting in the House of Commons usually takes place in the afternoon.

All Saints Church on Londesborough Road, Market Weighton.

All Saints Church on Londesborough Road, Market Weighton.

I couldn’t help it, but into my mind came the image of the little George, complete with short trousers and a grin, assuring mummy Osborne that he could still eat his lunch even if he did have yet another chocolate.

In spite of the humorous little scene in my imagination, the matter reveals attitudes which need thinking about, and one in particular I’d like to dwell on, here.

Voting takes place after debate, and at least some of that debate will take place in the morning, so Mr Osborne would be voting without fully contributing to the debate or listening to other MPs.

This suggests that he feels it’s alright to make up our minds about something and stick to that view, without developing it by listening to other people, or taking account of new ideas.

Most of us are a bit like that in one way or another.

We vote Labour or Conservative without thinking very much or discussing it, and we believe or don’t believe in God in much the same way; and if we do believe in God, then we tend to have a fixed idea of what he’s like, without trying to develop it beyond the concepts we absorbed as children.

To me, God is a lot more important than politics, and warrants much more thought and discussion.

Many of us have a concept of God that developed about 100 years before Robin Hood went riding through the glen, and we don’t concern ourselves with more modern thought.

We miss a lot of ideas that make God loveable and relevant to modern society.

Others have a spirituality which we developed as children, and we haven’t tried to engage with God in an adult emotional state.

We miss the opportunity of a more fulfilling relationship. God made human beings to grow and develop into the people he wants us to be.

Let’s be open to growth, always in the knowledge of his love.