The church column with Rev David Everett

Rev David Everett.
Rev David Everett.

I have seen two contrasting video clips today. The first is of that typical situation in a car park where you wait patiently for another car to come out of a parking space so that you can park only to see somebody else nip in it before you get a chance to move!

On the clip I saw this led to an almighty row and fisticuffs.

All Saints Church, Market Weighton, on Londesborough Road.

All Saints Church, Market Weighton, on Londesborough Road.

There were many curses uttered on both sides.

The second video showed three Muslim women being thanked and praised by the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

These women were among the many who had helped the Christians in their time of need following the bombing of their Church a few days before.

There was no cursing of the perpetrators but just grateful thanks for all that these women had done for them amidst the great danger of the situation.

As the Christian Church in Cairo they prayed for God’s blessing on these people who had helped them.

Having just walked through Holy Week, Good Friday and Easter Day we saw a similar contrast from the site of the crucifixion.

One of the criminals crucified with Jesus railed against him saying that if he is the Son of God he should save himself and the two criminals.

Yet the other one recognised that Jesus was the Messiah and asked that he be remembered when Jesus came into his Kingdom.

We should note Jesus response.

He did not curse the first criminal but he did bless the other one.

His words to him were “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise”.

Surely, hanging from a cross in extreme pain it would have been easier to curse than to bless but that is not God’s way.

He always seeks to bless those who accept him as their Lord and he calls all his people to seek to follow his example, too, even though it is not always easy!