The church column with Rev David Everett

Rev David  Everett.
Rev David Everett.

Be Prepared. I remember this motto well from my days in the Cubs (now called Cub Scouts) and the Scouts!

The Scout organisation is great at helping young people to experience things which they wouldn’t normally do and to learn new skills.

All Saints Church, Market Weighton, on Londesborough Road.

All Saints Church, Market Weighton, on Londesborough Road.

It is also about learning discipline, particularly self-discipline, which is important in so many aspects of life. All of the things they do help them to learn more about life and develop into rounded individuals better prepared for life in the adult world.

For many things that we do we need to prepare whether that is the simple things of making sure we have all we need to go on holiday or even that we have enough petrol in the car! However, for other things, if we are to do them well, we need to practice and prepare. This is true for all who play sport or play a musical instrument.

While a lot of practice is needed at whatever level you play, preparation is still needed before each match or concert to ensure that you perform to the best of your ability and that those who come to watch or listen feel it has been worth coming.

As you read this we will have celebrated Ash Wednesday and entered the Christian season of Lent.

This for us is a time of preparation. It is often viewed as a time when we need to give up something, often chocolate or alcohol, but it is more about making time to reflect and think about all that God has done for us through his Son Jesus.

We believe that God the Father created the world we live in and sent Jesus to show us how he wants us to live our lives so that his Kingdom of justice, mercy and peace can reign here on earth as it does in heaven.

This preparation helps us to understand more fully God’s love for each one of us as we remember Jesus death on the cross and his rising to new life on Easter day.

It is also an opportunity for those who do not know God to find out more. If you would like to join in with this preparation for Easter then do contact your local church.