The church column with Father David Standen

Father David Standen.
Father David Standen.

So we’ve just started a New Year, which we are often told should be filled with resolutions to be, well what?

Healthier? Slimmer? Kinder? To eat more of this and less of that?

St Mary and St Joseph Church, Market Weighton.

St Mary and St Joseph Church, Market Weighton.

To walk and not to drive?

To pray more? To give more time to others?

And sadly for most of us, whatever the resolution might have been, we’ve probably already forgotten what is was or failed to fulfil it!

Now that maybe because resolving to eat less when the box of Christmas biscuits is still on the table, or to drink less when the bottle of Scotch from Auntie Mo still has a little in it, might just be too much of a challenge, or because we’ve pledged to more than we can manage.

But if there was any sense in our resolutions, don’t just give up and say I didn’t keep it. Choose a day and start afresh.

Each day can be a decisive day, it doesn’t have to be the first day of January.

Today can be the day when we decide to eat more healthily, to drive more wisely, to make space for God, to give time to our families, to give time to ourselves.

So if you made a New Year resolution and your keeping it, well done, if you made one and you haven’t, then try again.

And if you didn’t make a resolution and you think you should, find a few moments, think what that resolution might be and commit to it.

And may the Lord who has had to call his people back to their resolutions on so many occasions help us all in this New Year.