Team thanked for their ‘twiddlemuff’ effort

Trish Barker pictured with her Twiddlemuffs are given to people with dementia
Trish Barker pictured with her Twiddlemuffs are given to people with dementia

More than 150 ‘twiddlemuffs’ have been knitted which will be donated to people suffering from dementia in Pocklington and Stamford Bridge.

The ladies from Pocklington Working Men’s Club have knitted 150 ‘twiddlemuffs’ - these are knitted or crocheted hand muff with buttons and another accessories attached to it.

They are used by people with dementia to keep their hands warm and busy - and are said to have a calming effect.

Trish Barker, chairwoman of Pocklington’s Carer’s Advisory Group, got in touch with Freda Back, part of the ladies group, to see if any of them were interested in knitting or crocheting.

Since March they have knitted more than 150 twiddlemuffs to donate.

Trish, from Stamford Bridge, said: “They have got buttons and ribbons inside them and on the outside and it does have a calming effect on people with dementia.

“This is something a bit different and fun to do, it’s quite imaginative and we have so many different colours and patterns.”

Trish has around 60 sets of the muffs to distribute to people in Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas while Freda is handing them out in Pocklington.

“They have done a fantastic job and they deserve to be recognised for the effort they have put into making them,” added Trish.

A Twiddlemuff is a double thickness hand muff with bits and bobs attached inside and out.

It is designed to provide a stimulation activity for restless hands for patients suffering from dementia.

Anyone who knows someone who may benefit from a twiddlemuff can get in touch with Trish by emailing

Trish won’t be able to post them but they can be collected from Trish or Freda. To make your own twiddlemuff, instructions can be found at