Taxi rank removed to allow for more parking

Railway Street
Railway Street

An overnight taxi rank in Pocklington will be removed despite calls from the public to create a 24-hour rank.

The existing rank at Railway Street holds three taxi parking bays which are only available for taxi use on an evening and overnight 
between 6pm and 8am.

The removal of the existing rank has been approved by East Riding of Yorkshire’s Licensing Committee and Cabinet and the bay will revert back to unrestricted parking overnight – making three 24 hour parking spaces.

The Director of Environment and Neighbourhood Services had previously submitted a report following a 
request asking for the rank to be removed to free up additional parking spaces for residents and visitors.

Four responses were received during the consultation exercise had been received.

There were three objections from members of the public to the removal of the existing evening rank with the suggestion of a 24-hour rank instead.

A hackney carriage driver working in Pocklington also supported the creation of a 24-hour rank.

Issues relating to equalities and access to the rank by persons with a disability were raised by members of the public.

The committee acknowledged it was normal practice that customers who used wheelchairs would normally pre-book taxis to pick up from their home address and to ensure the vehicle could accommodate their needs.

In the four years since the taxi rank during the day there has been no complaints received.

The Licensing Manager also reported the view of the taxi trade who had confirmed at a recent meeting that the night time rank was not used on 
an evening as most customers chose to pre-book jour-

The removal of the taxi rank has been approved by the cabinet.

During the day Monday to Saturday, 8am - 6pm, the bay is parking limited to two hours (no return within 1 hour). The bay will become unrestricted outside of these times.

The Traffic Regulation Order for the removal of the overnight taxi rank will be advertised within the next six months.