Tapestry is missing ‘link’ in the story of 1066

The Battle of Stamford Bridge Heritage Society will be officially launching the new Stamford Bridge 1066 tapestry project this Saturday (19 September) at the Battle Re-enactment weekend in Stamford Bridge.

The tapestry is the first major project as part of the 2016 (950th) anniversary celebrations of the battles of 1066. The Stamford Bridge Tapestry is the missing ‘link’ in the story of 1066 and closes the gap between the existing Bayeux and Fulford tapestries.

When completed, the society would like to display it alongside the Bayeux and Fulford tapestries.

The tapestry, or to be correct embroidery, will have 12 one metre panels, and it will be the same scale as the Bayeux tapestry and also use the same eight colours and stitching styles.

The society has lots of enthusiastic embroiderers raring to go and with the basic design completed, the first stitches should be made on the first two full size panels at the official launch date.

This is an important addition to the history of the period and with the 950th anniversary looming it is fitting that this project is the first of many exciting projects over the next 18 months to be initiated.

The tapestry project will be launched at 12noon on Saturday. The guest of honour is Chas Jones, who was instrumental in the making of the Fulford tapestry.

Email Chris Rock at chrisrock62@hotmail.com or Tom Wyles at thwyles@btinternet.com for more information.