Super slimmer Jenny sheds over six stone

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THESE pictures show super slimmer Jenny Crow’s dramatic transformation after she lost more than six stone which helped her reach the finals of a national slimming competition.

Jenny, from Melbourne, became one of just 48 women representing 400,000 others from across the UK to reach the finals of Slimming World’s Woman of the Year 2011 competition.

While she was there, the 41-year-old met TV doctor Hilary Jones who co-hosted the event and congratulated her on losing an impressive 6st 1.5lb.

Jenny’s weight loss journey started in 2009 when she joined a Pocklington slimming group. After two years of healthy eating and getting plenty of exercise, she managed to slim down from 16st 5.5lb to 10st 4lb.

She said: “If ever my motivation did start to fade, my consultant and the rest of the group were there to remind me how far I’d come. We talked and laughed a lot. Now I’m slimmer and more confident – so much more confident that I run regularly too, when before I lost the weight I did no exercise at all.”

Her fellow slimming group members voted her to enter the Slimming World’s Woman of the Year competition and, after winning the regional heat, she secured a place in the national finals, putting her in the running to win the event.

Jenny’s story impressed TV’s Dr Hilary who said: “Latest figures show that more than 60 per cent of women, that’s nearly two thirds of women, are so overweight that they are putting themselves at risk of developing a range of illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer and putting a huge strain on the NHS. By losing weight, Jenny has dramatically reduced her risk of a range of health problems including, at the very worst, premature death.

“It’s wonderful to see Jenny looking so lovely and healthy and hear all about her weight loss. I hope her story inspires lots of other people in her town to follow her lead and transform their health too.”

Jenny’s consultant Jayne Pitcher sees her as a role model for local people who also want to improve their health.

She said: “Jenny is not only looking great, she’s added years to her life and become a role model in our local community.

“Her success is inspiring other people in the group and around York to turn their health around and help us beat obesity in the area, which is good news for everyone.”