Students cook up top meals with short-date ingredients

The Pocklington School Sixth Form students rose to the Masterchef challenge.
The Pocklington School Sixth Form students rose to the Masterchef challenge.

A mouth-watering selection of dishes was created by Pocklington School Sixth Form students who rose to the School’s latest Masterchef challenge to create a meal from short-dated food donated by Tesco.

The students had no prior knowledge of the ingredients presented to them – and then had an hour to transform them into an appetising main course.

Molly Parker and Penny Thompson made a beef and tomato casserole with a mashed potato round and green beans. Tom Quirke and Ellie Harrison created a chicken and vegetable pasta dish. David Clifton, who worked alone as his partner was ill and unable to attend, cooked up a sausage pasta, accompanied by a fruit salad dessert. Magnus Swann and Joshua Toulmin made curried salmon on a bed of vegetable wild rice.

The manager of Tesco Market Weighton, Rob Carley, provided the short-dated food, stayed throughout and helped judge with English teacher Alison Bond. They rated every meal in terms of use of ingredients, technical skill, appearance and taste.

Every team topped one judging category but Magnus and Josh won overall with David a close runner up. Magnus and Josh will now compete against the winning teams of other Masterchef rounds.

Cookery teacher Anne-Marie Salmon said: “Once again our Sixth Form students showed ingenuity and talent in using food which might otherwise have been thrown away to come up with some really nutritious and tasty meals. They all did tremendously well.”