Steaming ahead to bring the old station platform back to life

Guests and committee members pictured at the plaque
Guests and committee members pictured at the plaque

Fifty years since an old railway station’s closure, the derelict Stamford Bridge platform has been brought back to life.

On November 29 1965, the Old Station Platform closed along with the line from York to Beverley.

Exactly 50 years to the day, Stamford Bridge in Bloom opened the platform, having rejuvenated and brought it back to its former glory.

The team decided to reinstate the wooden fencing to the rear of the main platform keeping to the 1908 North Eastern Railway plans, replace the “Stamford Bridge” sign on the old goods shed, erect a notice board giving information and history of the line and re-create the rose bed in front of the fence on the platform.

York College students built the fence and donations flooded in from the community.

The station benches were located at the cricket club and the original station stones were in a nearby garden.

Honorary President Bryan Lawson said: “It was an extremely wonderful morning, we were very lucky really because the sun came out at all the right times and we hardly had any rain.

“The reason we went for the Victorian theme was because it was like that when it opened.

“They think we have done a marvellous job. It’s taken at least nine months.”

Since the project began, Derek Lawson, the last station signalman, sadly passed away. His widow asked if she could dedicate a rose to his memory on the platform and the central main Standard rose was chosen.

The station staff form part of the display in the recycled old station notice board donated by the parish council and it is hoped that the In Bloom group’s effort is a fitting tribute in memory of the line.

See this week’s paper (3 December) for more pictures from the official opening.