Speeding bikers are caught out

A PAIR of bikers caught racing along Wolds roads at speeds of over 86mph were together fined more than £1,000.

They were caught by a video camera mounted on an un-marked police motorbike during Humberside police’s ‘Operation Achilles’ clampdown on bike racers and high speed anti-social drivers on East Riding roads.

At Bridlington Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday, the bench watched a video recording of their journey from Fridaythorpe to Stamford Bridge down Garrowby Hill as they overtook cars, sometimes breaking the double white lines no overtaking rules.

At the hearing, Jayne Wilson, prosecuting, said they were followed by a high performance un-marked police bike fitted with a video recorder.

She said: “Their average speed was 86mph over a distance of 1.2 miles, although it was higher than this at times.”

Peter Charles Dooley, 30, of Austin Court, Loxley, Sheffield, and Charles Steven Buckley, 29, of Woodside Street, Allerton Bywater, Castleford, were each riding their own bikes.

Dooley’s Honda Bike was seen to overtake on a solid white line, Buckley’s Yamaha bike was seen to overtake vehicles in the face of on-coming traffic.

“At Fridaythorpe they left the village at a speed in excess of 60mph, the speed limit, and on their journey to Garrowby Hill their speed did not drop below 85mph.

“As they went down Garrowby Hill they were overtaking vehicles at speed against double white line restrictions and in the face of oncoming traffic,” said Mrs Wilson.

They were eventually pulled over by police at a lay-by and shown the video of the incident.

On examining both bikes, Dooley’s machine was found to have a defective silencer without baffles.

Both men pleaded guilty to charges of speeding in excess of 60mph and to driving without due care and attention.

Dooley also pleaded guilty to using a vehicle with a defective exhaust.

Ed Cunnah, mitigating for the pair, said the incident was out of character for both men.

Both of them were single and employed and had just gone out for a ride. “There is no suggestion that these men have been involved in accidents, but since this incident both of them have given up their bikes saying they did not realise how significantly riding in that way could have affected their employment status,” said Mr Cunnah.

He said Dooley worked for Tata Steel at Stocksbridge, on short notice shifts. Buckley is one of two directors in his own IT business which had been going for three years serving large employers, including PLCs, spending 75 per cent of his time in the office but the rest travelling from site to site around the country.

“Both of them are ashamed to be in court,” said Mr Cunnah.

Presiding magistrate David Smith told them: “Having seen the video it was probably more by good luck than judgment you did not cause an accident.”

Both men were fined £220 and had their licence endorsed for speeding, charged £250 with five points on their licence for driving without due care and attention and ordered to pay £40 court costs and £15 victim surcharge.

Dooley, who now has 11 points on his licence, was also fined £60 for having a defective exhaust and was told by Mr Smith: ”You are going to have to be very careful driving in the future.”