Special act of remembrance

world war one graphic
world war one graphic

The centenary of the start of The Great War (WWI) is being recognised throughout the nation and those taking part in an annual long-distance walk on the Yorkshire Wolds next month will be performing their own special act of remembrance.

Special because Capability’s Overview from Sledmere on Sunday, May 18 encompasses the English countryside, which walkers hold dear, and special because this is the countryside for which our countrymen fought and died.

Walk organiser John Southwick, parish councillor and retired farm manager, says: “It is extra special because of the Special Reserve – the true countrymen, the Wagoners from Sledmere and the Wolds villages, who took their courage, skills and knowledge (and their horses) to the battlefield to protect and preserve our precious heritage.”

The route is being changed after the usual start from the village hall so the walkers pass the Wagoners memorial and the village war memorial before entering the grounds of Sledmere House on the 23-mile circuit. The walk is largely off-footpath but, whether on ancient cart tracks or “tramlining” through growing crops, is memorably in the Wagoners wheel tracks.

Those who complete the walk will, as usual, receive a badge and certificate but, just as there is a poppy for Remembrance Day, the Parochial Church Council, who organise the event in association with the East Yorkshire group of the Long Distance Walkers’ Association, has produced this sticker for entrants to wear on their way round or to keep as a reminder that his year, 2014, it was something special.

“This is a very peaceful countryside so the walkers will have many quiet minutes in beautiful surroundings for remembrance of both men and horses. It is not always recognised that in addition to the 800,000 human lives more than a million horses also died,” said John Southwick.

Walk details and entry forms from Anne Southwick. Tel:01377 236633.