Skate park ideas for West Green?

play area
play area

PLAY park campaigners have already set their sights on their next project, with hopes that a skate park could finally be built in Pocklington.

The Pocklington Playarea Group is busy with the park project on the green space in the centre of the Broadmanor estate - a scheme which has not been without controversy.

But the group are already thinking up plans for a skate park, which they hope can be placed on West Green.

A park next to the Montessori School was closed several years ago and, since then, groups of skateboarding youths have pushed for a new purpose-built area, without success.

But the Playarea Group, who successfully lobbied to improved Victoria Road play park, could now switch their attention to West Green.

Jane Jackson, chair of the committee, said: “The skate park is just an idea at the moment, but it seems perfect. Apparently it was an idea before and there was a group of lads who used to go to the group’s meetings but got fed up because nothing had happened.

“We are trying to get new committee members who want to make Pocklington a better place for our children.”

No timescale has been put on the idea, with the group hoping to complete the Broadmanor play area first.

Planning permission has been granted, and it is expected to cost around £40,000.

It will comprise of swings, a climbing frame, a slide, and a see-saw springer among other things.

The project has attracted its fair share of critics, many of whom live near the greenbelt land in the centre of Broadmanor. They called for it to be left as a natural green space, fearing a play park would become a magnet for anti-social behaviour.

“I appreciate their concerns, but it just seems that Pocklington can be a bit behind the times” Mrs Jackson added.

“People are quick to criticise the young people of Pocklington but don’t provide anything for them to do.

“We have had planning permission (for the Broadmanor project) so we are now trying to get the money. We hope to get a lot of it through funding, but we still need to raise £5,000 or £6,000, and we have to lease the land from the council, which could also cost.

“Ideally, we would like to have it built by spring time next year - in a perfect world!

“It’s been quite difficult with such a small committee.”

She now hopes the number of committee members could grow, and even wants young boys and girls to help give input, particularly for ideas on the skate park.

The next meeting is planned for 8 September at the Old Courthouse on George Street starting at 6.30pm. Anyone can go along to share ideas.

Meanwhile, a car boot sale is planned for Sunday, 4 September on West Green from 9am to help boost play park funds. Pitches cost £5 per car.