Skate park could get £20k grant

west green
west green

PLANS to build a skate park in Pocklington appear to be rolling in the right direction with campaigners hopeful of receiving a £20,000 grant.

The Pocklington Playarea Group want to see a skate park built on West Green and will be applying to the SITA Trust and its Queen Elizabeth II Fields Fund for financial support.

However, the group has not yet put together any basic information about the skate park which they will need to do before submitting their application.

SITA Trust, which supports community and environmental projects, has a £1million fund to help improve recreational spaces that have Queen Elizabeth II status,

Pocklington town councillor David Sykes, who is the Playarea Group’s link to the council, is confident the trust will give them funding.

He said: “West Green has Queen Elizabeth II status. It puts us in a favourable position to request funding for recreational purposes.

“Once we have got basic information we will apply for the grant.

“We need to know what type of skate park we want. Do we use earth or concrete and what is the cost of that, together with equipment costs.”

Coun Sykes will be visiting a number of skate parks in Yorkshire to look at the equipment they use and the costs involved.

“We are attempting to visit sites in the Yorkshire area to find out costs and what they have got,” he said.

“They have got the experience of putting it together. It makes sense to visit sites.”

Youths from the Pocklington area have also been getting involved with the project.

At the last meeting of the Playarea Group, four youths agreed to put some ideas together for the facility and also research local companies who can provide a concrete skate park solution.

Also at the meeting, it was decided that, by mid-October, the group should have three quotes for the cost of the skate park. In addition, they talked about the idea of holding an open day to discuss the plans with the public.

Coun Sykes stressed the fact that the plans cannot go ahead without the backing of Pocklington Town Council.

He said: “We’re going to use town council property. The council will have final say whether it will be used on West Green or not.”

The town council will discuss the matter at the next lands and property meeting on 5 October.

The Playarea Group are also busy trying to get a play park built on the Broadmanor estate.

They have applied for a grant from Waste Recycling Environmental Limited (WREN), which funds projects that enhance the environment, and are waiting to hear back from them.