Singer walks blind for dog charity

Dog training for the blind''Eddy McCabe, Flossie Malavialle, Jane McCabe and "Stanley"
Dog training for the blind''Eddy McCabe, Flossie Malavialle, Jane McCabe and "Stanley"

A SINGER from France walked around Pocklington blindfolded, with only a guide dog to lead her through town, to raise awareness for a charity.

Flossie Malavialle agreed to do the walk after she was contacted by Guide Dogs charity worker Eddy McCabe from Pocklington.

Eddy, who is the district team manager of the charity, got in touch with Flossie after he found out she sponsors a puppy trained by the charity.

He said: “I had seen her and enjoyed her performance some time last year. I was checking on her website to see where she was playing and noticed she sponsors a guide dog puppy.

“I found out she was playing at Swanland and contacted her to show my appreciation that she donates to Guide Dogs and told her what Guide Dogs actually does.

“I asked to do a blindfold walk with her.

“We thought it was a good way of showing our appreciation of the support she gives guide dogs.”

Flossie, who lives in Darlington, walked around the Market Place with Stanley the guide dog which she found challenging but enjoyable.

Eddy said: “There were lots of obstacles to avoid like bins, lamp posts, A-frames outside shops and people, of course.

“Between them they had to work really hard.

“She found it scary but very enjoyable.

“It was also good for the dog as well. It helps develop their skills.”

Guide Dogs delivers mobility and access services that meet the needs and aspirations of blind and partially-sighted people in the United Kingdom.

To find out more information about the charity or if you would like to sponsor a puppy then contact Guide Dogs’ York, Selby and Humber team on 0845 372 7414.