Sign fuels more anger among local residents

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A PLANNING application for a large advertising poster to be put up on a residential street in Market Weighton has created further tension between residents and developer David Wilson Homes.

The developer has applied to have a sign, over seven metres long and more than a metre deep, placed along a fence on Glenfield Avenue which has angered residents who believe it would create an “eye sore.”

David Wilson Homes had to take down the sign a few weeks ago after objections from residents.

Recently, the Post revealed that residents were fed up with the dirt, noise and congestion being caused by workers from David Wilson Homes.

Ian Singleton, of Glenfield Avenue, is one of many residents against the sign being put up.

Speaking about the original poster that was taken down, he said: “It was an eye sore. This is a quiet residential street.

“It would be an injustice if East Riding Council approved this. They are supposed to represent us and if they give planning permission for something like this then they are not representing the people.”

Mr Singleton said there are already a number of signs on Glenfield Avenue directing people to the Ash Grove and Beech Grove development and does not understand why David Wilson Homes wants to put up another.

“Glenfield is a residential area with many elderly people. There are already four signs directing people to this site. Why they want this big sign I don’t know,” he said.

Mr Singleton also said he will be submitting an objection to the planning application to East Riding Council.

Mayor of Market Weighton, councillor Peter Hemmerman, agrees with Mr Singleton and believes there is not a demand for more houses in Market Weighton.

He said: “It is not on. They are building all these houses because they say we need them but they are going to extreme lengths to sell them. There is no requirement for them,

“It is an eye sore. There are certain allowances for building certain things like that.”

However, chairman of East Riding Council, Coun David Rudd, insists the planning application will be carefully considered.

He said: “This application will be viewed on planning issues and determined as such, after careful consideration of all legitimate planning reasons from local rersidents, and not from certain bigots who cannot accept that this area has been designated for development for more years than most of them have lived in the area.”

A public notice has been issued by East Riding Council and residents have until 2 May to respond to the planning application.

David Wilson Homes were unable to comment on the situation when asked.

As well as the Ash Grove and Beech Grove development, David Wilson Homes and parent company Barratts are also building houses on Holme Road.

Residents near both sites have been frustrated with the amount of dirt and noise being made by workers but have been unable to do anything about it.

Mr Singleton said he contacted the police, East Riding Council’s enforcement officer, MP Greg Knight and Market Weighton Town Council but believes it has made no difference whatsoever.