Shot by crossbow

A DUCK shot with a crossbow has been reunited with its mate after the bolt lodged in its belly was removed.

A small white duck was shot a fortnight ago at a pond in Bridlington and had a bolt stuck in its body.

On the same weekend, two Indian Runner ducks were killed when a spaniel was unleashed at the pond, leading to a police and RSPCA investigation.

However one nearby resident, Sandra Vyas, contacted Scarborough Wildlife Rescue to help.

They caught the injured duck last Thursday afternoon and took it to the vets to have the bolt removed.

“It is wonderful to see her mate (a green mallard) fly straight over to her when she was released, it makes the job a bit easier when it has a happy ending,” said Jim Ward, of Scarborough Wildlife Rescue.

“Thankfully the bolt itself missed her vital organs, otherwise she wouldn’t have been so lucky.”

Despite the six-inch bolt through her stomach, the duck could still fly - making it a challenge for Jim and his team to catch her.

“We came and tried to get her in the undergrowth and we used netting to catch her, but it was quite difficult.

“We took her to the vets and got her back here in less than a day, so her mate wouldn’t have missed her too much.

“I can’t understand who would want to do such a thing as to shoot a duck with a crossbow, and what happened to the other two ducks which were killed was particularly cruel.”

Sandra Vyas lives opposite the duck pond and regularly feeds ducks in her front garden. She witnessed the dog attack on the other ducks a fortnight ago.

“I’m delighted that Scarborough Wildlife Rescue has been able to catch her and get her safely back into the pond, it’s so rare that these horrible stories have a happy ending, she said.”