Shopkeepers frustrated with market traders

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FRUSTRATION is growing among shopkeepers in Pocklington who claim market traders are losing them business by refusing to face their stalls towards the shops.

Several shop owners in the town have said their businesses are suffering on the Tuesday market day because the direction the stalls are facing is causing people to walk on the road and not the paths and consequently miss out shops completely.

One shopkeeper claims a large white van parks outside her shop most Tuesdays as well as a stall which blocks out the view of the shop from the outside and inside.

Trisha Brant, who owns the knitting store Poppy’s on Market Place, said: “It’s been going on for a long time. Since we opened in 2005 really.

“Tuesdays are the quietest days. It is a marked difference. If the market was on a Monday we wouldn’t open. We would extend our weekend.”

“The number of people who on a market day say we didn’t know you were here is astonishing.

“They even park vans in front of the shop so we are completely blocked out.”

Clare and Neil Saunders, who own Swirlz ice cream shop next to Pocklington Arts Centre, are experiencing a similar problem.

Mrs Saunders said: “We make no trade whatsoever on a Tuesday. Everyone walks down the centre of town.

“People don’t walk behind the market stalls and you lose business. It’s been going on for a long time.”

Last week the couple put out a sign in front of the C & N Wines shop which they also run to make people aware of their ice cream shop.

The sign said: “There is a lovely ice cream shop open but you can’t see it. There is a great big market stall in front of it.”

A market inspector from East Riding Council has been to talk to market traders in Pocklington to ask them to trade from both sides of their stalls and some have agreed to do so but only when the warmer weather arrives.

Steve Brackenbury, an officer with responsibility for the markets for East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “We have asked the traders if they would be able to trade from both sides of their stalls. A number of them are able to and say they will in warmer weather. A small number cannot because of the design of their stalls. We will continue to work with traders and shops to help everyone to work together.”