‘Shocked’ Alison named a Mum in a Million finalist

Alison Rooks with her daughter Livvy on ITV's Good Morning Britain.
Alison Rooks with her daughter Livvy on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

A mother and foster carer from Pocklington has spoken of her shock after she was named a finalist in the Mum in a Million competition, run by ITV’s Good Morning Britain show, live on television.

Alison, 41, Rooks received a surprise visit from Sean Fletcher, one of the programme’s presenters, a hairdresser, a butler and celebrity chef, Aldo Zilli, who were all there to pamper, serve and cook her breakfast.

Alison, who was nominated by her daughter and Woldgate College pupil Livvy, said: “It was pretty surreal. I was shocked. Even when they said to me ‘You’re live on Good Morning Britain’ it wasn’t going in really. It was very strange.

The runner-up in the Mum in a Million competition added: “Livvy and I have got a very close relationship. She’s got so much on herself, so the fact that she has taken time out to get in touch with them is amazing, I can’t believe she did it.”

Speaking about why she nominated her mum, Livvy, 16, said: “I nominate my mum because not only is she an amazing mum to me and my two younger sisters, she’s also a mum in a million to 14 other children that we’ve looked after because she is a foster carer.

“She has taught me to put others before me and see how lucky I am as a person especially with the fostering and just to appreciate what I’ve got.

“My mum means everything to me and she is a mum in a million and she deserves all the recognition for what she does and all the effort she puts into fostering.”

Alison’s husband, Lee, 35, also talked about why she is a special mother: “I watch how her relationship grows with the children and although when the kids go, it’s very often happy times for us, the heartbreak that she goes through is unbelievable but she picks herself back up and says ‘right I’m ready to do it again’ and to me that is just brilliant.”

Councillor Julie Abraham, East Riding Council’s portfolio holder for children, young people and education, said: “I am delighted that Alison was nominated by her daughter for this special recognition. It shows how a whole family can be involved in fostering and see the rewards that it can bring. I am very grateful to Alison and all of our foster carers for the work they do.”

East Riding Council is hoping to recruit more foster carers, particularly for children aged from five to 15. Anyone interested in finding out more about becoming a foster carer can contact the fostering team on 01482 396673.