Shock over ‘gay’ bill at Pocklington restaurant

Shocking...The bill that was handed to Alastair and Luke at Judson's restaurant in Pocklington.
Shocking...The bill that was handed to Alastair and Luke at Judson's restaurant in Pocklington.

A customer has spoken of his “shock” after he and his friend were referred to as “gay guys” on a bill after eating at a Pocklington restaurant.

Alastair Butler, a former Pocklington resident, who now lives in Derby, went to Judson’s, on Market Place, with his friend Luke, who lives in Pocklington, at lunch time on Thursday 5 September.

After finishing their meals, the ex-Woldgate College pupils, both 26, were handed a bill and could not believe what they saw printed on it.

Alastair, who was visiting Pocklington to see family and friends, explained: “They delivered the bill, my friend spotted it first.

“He said ‘I think the manager’s misconstrued our lunch’.

“I obviously thought it was inappropriate. It took a while for it sink in.

“It was not insulting, it was just a shock.”

Alastair decided to complain to a barman at the restaurant, but was unhappy with the response he received.

“My friend had to run off to work and I did mention it to the barman,” he said.

“The barman said something along the lines of ‘Sorry, there’s nothing I can do’. I was a little disappointed with the response. I asked if I could speak to the manager but he wasn’t there.

“I would expect some sort of heartfelt apology in that situation.”

He added: “I’m not gay, neither is my friend.

“The fact that it implied I was gay I didn’t care about. It’s not insulting to be called it, you just never write that on a bill.

“It would be exactly the same as describing me by my race. It’s a bit prejudicial and a bit unnecessary.”

Judson’s owner and manager Peter Ward has apologised to the pair for the incident.

He commented: “This is an unfortunate incident and we take it very seriously.

“We understand why the two gentlemen concerned were offended and we have apologised to them unreservedly.

“We have also disciplined the waitress concerned and put in place a procedure so it will not happen again. I would add that everyone is welcome at Judson’s.”