Sheep killed by pet dog

A SHEEP was attacked and killed by a dog in the Bishop Wilton area, prompting police to remind dog-owners of their responsibilities.

Sgt Pete Rogers of Pocklington’s neighbourhood policing team said that incidents of sheep attacks by domestic dogs were ‘a very emotive and costly problem’ for farmers, whose lives depend on livestock.

He added: “Not to mention the suffering that is caused to the animals themselves.”

Sgt Rogers wants to ensure that local residents understand the law concerning sheep worrying.

He said: “Basically, if a dog worries livestock - this includes attacking or chasing them in such a way as to be reasonably expected to cause injury, suffering or abortion, or loss or diminution of their produce - or a person allows a dog to be at large (not on a lead or under close control) in a field or enclosure where there are sheep, the offence is committed.

“This situation needs a bit of common sense and courtesy if taking your pet out on walks in the countryside.

“You may consider your dog to be to be friendly and harmless, but it remains an animal and, when faced with other livestock, is quite likely to chase or attack them.

“Remember it’s basically a wolf!

“The basic common sense rule is keep your dog away from livestock (including sheep) and put it on a lead if you come across them on walks.

“So, dog owners, if you’re out on walks with your dogs, consider the farmers whose land you may be crossing.

“Consider the welfare of their animals and use some common sense here. Put your dog on a lead!

“And remember: the landowner has a defence in law if he kills the offending animal and can prove it was done to protect the livestock and informs the police within 48 hours.”