Sewerby’s adorable arrival

Visitors and staff alike were taken by surprise at the arrival of Sewerby garden’s latest, and cutest resident.

The baby female alpaca who is yet to be named, was born on Sunday, 24 August Sewerby Hall and Gardens much to the delight of visitors who were enjoying one of the attraction’s busiest days of the year.

John Pickering, head zoo-keeper at Sewerby Hall and Gardens said: “All the staff are really pleased.

“It’s the first alpaca we’ve ever had born at Sewerby, we’ve had plenty of llamas but never an alpaca.

“It came on our busiest day of the year which really was just the icing on the cake.

“I received a call on my radio to tell me ‘the alpaca’s giving birth’ so I ran over to see!”

The alpaca’s birth came as a surprise to even staff who looked after the animals, because they we not sure if the mother had fallen pregnant or not since the gardens introduced a male alpaca last year.

John added: “We had our suspicions that she might’ve been pregnant, so we didn’t sheer them this year to avoid unnecessary stress in case she was. But the birth came completely out of the blue”.

“It was a really good day and for the public to see the birth was just wonderful.”

Now staff have organised a competition to name the new arrival.

The winner will receive a year-long the adoption of the animal and their name will be attached to the alpaca’s enclosure.

To enter the competition you can pick up an entry form from the Welcome Centre at Sewerby Hall and Gardens.