Service to remember fallen

All Saints Church, Sancton.
All Saints Church, Sancton.

Churches Together will be holding a special remembrance service in Sancton this Sunday (12 November), starting at 4pm.

All Saints Church and the Chapel are joining together to remember those who served and those who did not return from WW1 and WW2 from the village.

Villagers be remembering those who served and the 23 who are buried at Sancton with poppy cross on their graves.

Lord Manton and Rowena Ling will be placing wreaths on the memorial plaques to the fallen in the Church.

Any descendants are warmly invited to this village remembrance service.

In 1914 Sancton was a rural farming village with the majority of young men working with horses, the major means of transport and growing crops.

There were nine men who signed up to the Sledmere Wagoners Reserve.

Charles Bielby won the 1913 wagon handling competition to earn further prestige to Sancton.

Another Wagoner Fredrick Foster, who was a friend of Charles, lost his life on the first day of the German counter attack of March 1918.

The Rev William Finn was the priest at Houghton Hall Chapel and he joined the Dublin Fusiliers as their chaplain.

He was the first chaplain to be killed in the war.

The village had changed by WW2 and men from the village joined all three services and the merchant navy.

There are three ladies also on the roll of honour.